My name is Mona Luan.
Yoga sparked the fire for transformation in my life and since, it has supported me every single day.

I've always been a determined and self-motivated person but I didn't have much of a direction that was truly my own. I was living life by what others told me I should do. Through the practice, I experienced an unshakable sense of knowing that I had never felt before. I knew, with all my heart and every fiber of my being, I knew, that yoga is my path and direction in life. Sharing my experiences to help others is my purpose.

After practicing on again off again for about 6 years, I discovered Ashtanga yoga and decided to commit to a consistent practice. I was drawn to Ashtanga because it seemed like a great way to stay physically fit. Little did I know how much it would change my life and set me on a path to rediscover myself and my purpose in this world, to expand my awareness, and find self love.

Empowered by the healing in my own journey, I bring light to mental health, body image, and self-love so that I may guide people to find safety within their bodies and minds. I inspire people to live according to their most authentic selves and create peace, joy and love. 

I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program with Amy Beth Treciokas at Yoga Now in Chicago. I teach vinyasa yoga with influence from Ashtanga.

I am passionate about learning and I'm always expanding my knowledge of yoga in anatomy, Ayurveda, sequencing, psychology, philosophy, history and the various styles that are existing and emerging. Off the mat, I am a photographer, graphic designer, writer, empowerment coach, and burrito lover.